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Boxing Training in Melbourne by the Pros

It’s not without reasons that we actually end up featuring among the best boxing trainers in Melbourne. Exceptional trainers or state of the art facilities? Unambiguous recommendations or exceptional quality of training? What is it which has steered our popularity as one of the most trusted boxing trainers in Melbourne? Boxing at the Urban Combat Academy is not just fun and enjoyable in a fun and friendly atmosphere, but we make sure you are always moving forward in your craft which is the sweet science of boxing while keeping fit and losing weight. Marc’s approach to boxing is technical and fun, while also focusing on the no gloves aspect for self defence. With no gloves hand to hand techniques open hand covers we use the art and science of boxing and transfer what we know from the ring to the street if need be.

Training with Us: What you Discover in the Process

Welcome to Urban Combat Academy. We are giving you an opportunity to enrol for unrivalled boxing training in Melbourne. We will not be claiming supremacy arbitrarily. So, let us start off by saying that there is no one factor which has contributed to our unprecedented growth as martial arts trainers in Melbourne. It has been a long fruitful journey of shaping “real boxers” out of every student with the help of an infallible combination of all these attributes:

  • Unassailable equipment
  • Qualified trainers
  • Wide experience in providing boxing training
  • Combining boxing with circuit training and kick boxing to help you reach your maximum potential as far as physical strength is concerned
Your Journey to Becoming a Boxer par Excellence: What we Promise

When you are enrolling for boxing classes here you are sure about one fact – that you are actually gaining access to the best that combat sports have to offer. And, we are clearly not talking only facilities here! We are talking about your access to unrivalled expertise here. Our trainers with their intimate knowhow of variant boxing techniques are creating masters out of learners every day. We are raising the bar every day. We are encouraging you to test your potential strengths and weaknesses every day.

Are you good at punches? Are you struggling with the anticipation of moves from your opponents? Are you finding it difficult to cope up with what seems like a rigorous training schedule (we have already told you that we back up boxing with kickboxing and circuit training)? Do you think you still need to perfect your jabs or upper cut?
Our passion and dedication and philosophy from our arts teaches us only to use these techniques and defensive tools as a worst case scenario keeping us humble, true and compassionate to others. Come down and give it a go today!!!

Great For:

  • Fitness
  • Self Confidence
  • Stress Relief
  • Fat Burning (Burning as much as 500 calories per class)
  • Building strong bones
  • Improved Core stability
  • Self Defence
Let us tell you that we offer boxing training to all types of learners – irrespective of whether you’re just a beginner interested to box or are at the intermediary level of the sport. We have the wide experience of training not only learners with differences of exposure to the sport but also those with different intentions. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take up boxing as a hobby, or just as a means of strengthening your already-strong self-defense moves or for that matter as a means to break in to the professional front – you can trust trainers at Urban Combat Academy to help you with your needs.
Knowing our Trainers Better

Let us also tell you that our trainers are known for training students with laser-focus on their physical limitations—like is the job of any good physical trainer. We do encourage you to seek detailed reviews of our quality of training (which includes everything starting from the boxing equipment we have, the practical knowhow of our trainers, the ability of our trainers to understand each student’s physical and mental potential and our experience etc) before reaching out to us.

Our packages are affordably designed. We are here to fufill your dreams of becoming a boxer par excellence. However, we will not ask you to shell out a fortune for the same. Make sure you are contacting our team to obtain further details regarding the program packages. As you can see, ours is a fun approach towards learning how to box. If you share our beliefs that boxing should be as much about enjoyment as it is about strength and skill, don’t hesitate in giving us a call to book your class with us!

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