Combined Combatives

MMA Training in Melbourne by the Pros

Combined Combatives (MMA for street) at Urban Combat Academy is Marc Natoli’s own martial arts format put together from his years of training in assorted martial arts styles. It is focused on no bull urban defence, which utilises boxing elements such as strikes and body mechanics for speed, power and movement as well as range. It focuses on Jeet Kune Do basic trapping, philosophy and principles. Pukalan/Panatukan is a form of dirty boxing from the south east Asian art focusing on limb destruction as well as eye gouges, head butts and elbows all focused on devastating effects— Kali and Silat stick and knife work and of course Thai boxing utilising your elbows, kicks and knees. Marc’s approach towards combined Combatives concentrates on the most effective strike strategies and manoeuvres inspired by all the martial arts styles. They are used in the right circumstances. Mixed Martial arts for urban defence.
Even though Combined Combatives is generally a striking art focusing on aggressive strikes and moves in order to retreat, we do use some jujitsu, so you would know how to avoid being taken down and get back up if you do. This urban combat offensive art would direct your focus and attention on how to get into the act and finishing your fight quickly so that you can remove yourself from the path of danger.

Remember to train so you don’t have to fight, while always performing martial arts respect for one another.


  • Real life self defence situations
  • Self confidence
  • Fitness
  • Stress Relief
  • Fun and Friendly environment
  • No Egos
  • Everybody there to help each other

Urban Combat Academy has been consistently known for offering safe, congenial and competitive environment to make “masters” out of learners. Notably, learners here hail from all walks of life. Depending on your needs and skills, Natoli will personally see to it that the training and fitness programs are personally designed for you. Not everyone can be expected to adapt or respond to training sessions in exactly similar ways. Understanding this simple truth and devising his training strategies have been crucial to his success as an MMA trainer. Visit him for general consultation and you will come to know that he considers MMA training in Melbourne a way of life rather than just combat sport. This is the reason why he has been reason why he has been able to conceive such an effective discipline of martial arts – completely based on his experience as a trainee and trainer.

MMA Techniques

With keen focus on your fitness and general reflex improvement, Natoli will be working closely with you to help you discover those nuances of self-defense that are apparently simple but are duly effective.

As has already been indicated above, Natoli will consistently guide you regarding all aspects of combined combatives including their right usage. Combined combatives – make for an amalgamation of diverse MMA training styles. So, it can well be understood that their underlying principles would be the same as well. Both have a lot to do about knowing when to move away from a fight and when to know that it’s the right time to defend yourself.

What we promise you

Join Urban Combat Academy to enjoy access to unique, world-class and affordable training sessions. You might have understood by now that here – at Urban Combat Academy, I do not see martial arts as a strictly combative faculty meant to shore up strength and fitness. Right since my exposure to martial arts or MMA Marc has been taught to embrace this art as a more holistic discipline – something which is intimately connected to life itself. Each training session or for that matter each encounter with the greats of MMA for him has been a life-experience.

He looks forward to fostering similar sentiments about this much revered discipline among his students. Looking forward to a healthier, fitter and more “alert” you? Get in touch with him for further assistance without fail! He is looking forward to bringing out the best martial artist that you can be in you!

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