Bruce Lees Original Jeet Kune Do

Training of Jeet Kune Do in Melbourne by experts

“The art of fighting without fighting” – The famous phrase every person associated with martial arts try to inherit was coined by Bruce Lee. The quote was directed to one of the most challenging yet flawless forms of martial arts, that is Jeet Kune Do. It is not just training for physical combat or a simple martial art style; rather its aim is to further self-improvement and development, unlike other combat sports which only focus on defeating the opponent. Believing in one’s individual ability to overcome the obstacles is the right approach for every aspirant who wishes to be the champion of Jeet Kune Do someday.
Bruce Lee & Jeet Kune Do

In the year 1967, Bruce Lee conceived this combat form and gave a complete idea of the interception concept. The English meaning of the name ‘Jeet Kune Do’ is ‘Way of Intercepting Fist’. Interestingly, the particular form is considered as the combination of 26 different forms of martial arts, still, has its identity. Bruce Lee always believed that martial arts practitioners and believers should not limit themselves for learning any particular art form, rather get the chance of learning different styles altogether. He has further made it easier by developing four different steps for the Jeet Kune Do learning:

  • Research the self-experiences for exploring the truth
  • Take in the useful
  • Refuse the useless
  • Improvise your things to it
Jeet Kune Do Principles

At Urban Combat Academy, the aim of our training program of Jeet Kune Do in Melbourne is to prepare the aspirants as the experts of Jeet Kune Do, abiding by the ways and philosophies of this particular martial art form. The concepts and principles that construct Jeet Kune Do are:

  • Adaptability: Bruce Lee suggested it as “Be like water.”
  • Combat Types: Punching, Trapping, Weapons, Kicking and Grappling
  • Motion Economy: Simple yet Direct
  • Combat Realism: Weapons and blocking
  • Attack Methods: Combined attack, direct attack, progressive indirect attack, hand and feet immobilisation attack and attack by drawing
Our Jeet Kune Do Experts

Our instructor Marc Natoli is a 3rd generation student of Bruce Lee, Come and train Bruce Lees Original Jeet kune do at our Melbourne Academy. He is trained directly under Sifu Ricardo Vargas, the second generation student of Bruce Lee, who holds the highest rank as a senior instructor under Grandmaster Sigung Richard Bustillo. After all his years of training in different styles and learning, Marc now wants to pass the knowledge of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do in its purest form to his pupils.
Marc has decided to concentrate on transferring this legacy to others while continuing his training. Marc intends to follow and teaches following the exact curriculum Bruce himself used to teach at his first schools in Oakland, Seattle and L.A. It is the duty of the second and third generations’ students of Jeet Kune Do to keep the original form that Bruce Lee coined alive. Marc considers it as his responsibility to continue the legacy and passes on the original techniques and methods of Jeet Kune Do to his pupils.

Some of our JKD Curriculum
  • Trapping
  • Sensitivity Drills
  • Dissolving Energy Drills
  • Passive and Active Trapping
  • Striking
  • Third-Hand Principles

Come down today to our academy for being a part of the purest lineage and emerge as the flag bearer of the fourth generation Bruce Lee student!!

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