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Urban Combat Academy aims to create distinguished martial artists who are not only known for their nuanced understanding of grappling, striking and pressure points but also for their confidence and respect towards each other.

Martial Arts and Confidence: We cherish the “connect” here

Yes. Experts at Urban Combat Academy are very particular about inculcating confidence among learners so that they are able to use their defense skills to combat sudden street assaults or knife attacks that are so common in Melbourne nowadays. Our students hail from diverse backgrounds. By bringing aspirants from all walks of life we aim to build a community where everyone is respectful towards each other. Acquainting oneself with the nuances of Martial Arts in Melbourne remains a cherished exercise here. Our trainers are known to encourage learners to face and eventually overcome their mental and physical limitations to pick up the very best of combat sporting skills in a competitive environment.

Developing Diverse Skills

From the simple self-defense to Jeet Kune Do (endorsed by the much revered Bruce Lee)—we have got you covered. As any credentialed martial artist will tell you, martial art or for that matter any other form of combat sports is not only about offense but also about knowing when to walk away from mindless action or when not to indulge in meaningless action.

Exploring the best that Martial Arts has to offer: We are committed to creating more complete individuals

Martial Arts in Melbourne is a diverse discipline. At Urban Combat Academy we not only help you pick up or hone your combat skills but are also committed to weaving the ambience conducive to learning. Let us tell you that a qualified martial artist is often the result of a friendly environment- because friendships are important for the development of one of the most important virtues of martial arts- tolerance. It is also important to get acquainted with the history and philosophy behind martial arts which clearly extend beyond physical combat. Here, we have got you covered in accordance.

So by enrolling for a program you can actually go on to explore the following benefits

  • Get introduced to the field of martial arts
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Get acquainted with the diverse virtues like grappling, kicking, punching, blocking, feet immobilisation attack and use of weapons
  • To be a part of a friendly community
  • To bolster fitness and coordination
  • To explore the history of martial arts which of course form the very basis of this much revered discipline
  • To deftly steer clear of the diktats of traditional martial arts that often veered towards inequality, dominance or subordination

Kindly note that we have got classes designed for individuals hailing from diverse walks of life. Diversity is our forte. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to learn the basics or hone already acquired skills- we are there to help you! Our sessions cater to the needs of people with variant fitness levels as well.

Our flexibility is the basis of our success

None does it better than Urban Combat Academy. We understand that each aspiring artist seeks sessions based on a number of factors including timing, budget and of course the contents of a particular course. We understand that one looking to pick up basic boxing skills is different from someone will to learn Jeet Kune Do —not only physically but mentally as well. We study each learner thoroughly before devising lessons for them. This is where our understanding of each personality starts from. We don’t believe in training individuals without knowing them and letting them know what they are capable of – both physically and mentally.

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