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Marc has been training in martial arts for 20 + years being heavily influenced by Bruce lee and his uncle who was a martial artist, having an uncle that was strongly into no bull martial arts styles and hard core training it ran in the family. Marc started his martial arts journey with Aikido, Karate, Freestyle and filipino escrima then from the age of 20 became highly involved in more full contact styles such as boxing, Thai boxing, Jujitsu and MMA. While living abroad he was lucky enough to train with the team at London Shoot Fighters and Legacy Gym in the Philippines.

At 34 years of age Marc has decided to focus solely on real life combat and continuing to train closely with Sifu Ricardo Vargas in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Marc’s credentials and passion are what makes him the trainer he is today.

Marc’s Philosophy has always been that of training hard to make sure you can use your skills under pressure; the approach is not just about going toe to toe with somebody, as in this day and age unfortunately that is hardly ever the case where usually there is a group so you are most likely dealing with more than one person. Marc’s approach also focuses on understanding your surroundings and how to read people so you don’t put yourself and your loved ones in danger but if it arises you will know how to deal with situation whatever the circumstance.

Train so you don’t have to fight, while always having martial arts respect for one another.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Sifu Ricardo Vargas
Sifu Ricardo Vargas, a second generation student of Bruce Lee, the most extraordinary martial arts artist of our times and was born in Columbia. He now holds the Full Instructor Rank in Jeet Kune Do, the philosophy of modern martial art which had been founded by the legendary Bruce Lee.

Sifu Ricardo Vargas had received his training and certification as a professional instructor by the late Sifu Jerry Poteet and Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, two of the original students of Bruce Lee. In the year 2013, Ricardo Vargas was awarded in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as being the “Outstanding Martial Artist of the Year” under the affiliation of the International Martial Arts Council of America.

He has been featured numerous times in Australian, American and Columbian martial arts and fitness magazines such as Iron Man in 2013 and the Blitz Martial Arts. Sifu Ricardo Vargas didn’t allow his fame and prestige to get to him and managed to get a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Theology. He has a significant experience in working in the educational background at the university level as a lecturer and the director of different leadership programs for the students.

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