Self Defence

Self Defence Classes in Melbourne to Your Aid

At the Urban Combat Academy, all of us pride ourselves on teaching styles of martial arts which are aimed more at enabling our students to handle real life altercations rather than the sports side of the martial craft. At our Academy, the number one concern and objective has always been to find a real solution through your training in Combined Combatives, Jeet Kune Do or Boxing.

Following the approach of our trainer Marc Natoli, we would push you to your physical and mental extremes so that you are able to overcome difficult situations with the help of your conditioned mental & physical toughness and alertness. Real courage is not only about throwing punch but it also lies in knowing when to walk away and to spot a group of people you should avoid. Contact us today if you want to be a part of the life changing journey.

Acquainting you with details

Develop a more nuanced understanding of martial arts at Urban Combat Academy. Our comprehensive coaching classes will not just acquaint you with the kicks and punches (the right techniques employed for them) but also with the deeper philosophies shaping martial arts and its artists since years now. Our self defence classes in Melbourne are geared towards making you a better “artist” and not just a “fighter” who can “struggle his way out of sneak attacks” by kicking or pushing or punching. Self defence is definitely about strength but it’s about wisdom as well. You should know when to walk away from a fight- because if you can afford to walk away that’s the first option you should resort to. Fighting is the last resort – for sure.

Pushing you to imaginable extremes

So when we are saying that we will push you to your physical and mental extremes we are not only implying that we will help you discover your full physical and mental potential as far as putting up with an opponent in a fight is concerned. We also mean that we will you make discover your potential to catch the pulse of a situation and react accordingly.

Will a particular situation lead to a brawl? Even if the individual at the other end is attacking you, can you afford to walk away? These are just some of the questions that you should always seek answers to – while involuntarily being in a volatile situation. Trust us when we say that martial arts is much about your mind as it is about your body. The beauty of this art is best unravelled by those willing to attain the perfect synergy between mind and body while they are in the process of mastering kicks, punches and other attributes of martial arts.

Self Defence training Par Excellence

The quality of the self defence training in Melbourne offered by us has actually been unequivocally praised by learners. When it comes to practical knowhow and an in-depth understanding of the philosophy of martial arts, Marc Natoli is a name which is instanteneously recommended by many. We believe that our credentials are best established by these reviews and recommendations.

If you want to find out about the packages of the training sessions you can always get in touch with us for assistance. So do contact us! We shape artists out of learners. Come experience the journey!

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